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Zurich Chamber Orchestra: Great Emotions

Music is a matter of feeling. There are even physical signs that mark the transformation of music into emotion: goosebumps on the skin, tears of joy, the quickening of a heartbeat. The simple – but at the same time quite startling – idea behind the Zurich Chamber Orchestra ‘Great Emotions’ campaign is to create a direct visual connection between these very subtle reactions and their cause.

Pause (2015):
Zurich Chamber Orchestra has been playing classical music at the highest level since 1945. The public can look forward to concerts featuring works by the great masters on an almost weekly basis, and it’s always an excellent opportunity to enjoy some music and take a break from the stresses of everyday life. In a series of engaging and pared-down print ads, the ZKO wants to call even greater attention to these rewarding breaks. Thus, we see a standard smartphone resting on a sheet of music and marking out the precise time-value of a pause.

Fantastic Orchestra (2013):
The print ads here turn the typical orchestra layout into a stage for some spectacular visual storytelling. The emotional qualities of Claude Debussy’s La Mer, for example, can find their full expression, even in a medium without sound. Even those who do not know the first thing about Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream will get more than a casual impression of the music. The images were created in a sophisticated process that combines analogue and digital illustration techniques in a new way. 

Other work recognised by international awards:
– ‘Colour Explosion’ campaign (2016)
– ‘Toy Soldiers’ print ad for ZKO ‘Concerts for Kids’ series (2015)
– ‘zko.ch – Room for great feeling’ website (2015)
– ‘Traces of Light’ campaign (2012)
– ‘Rollercoaster’ film (2011)


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