Tibet - Matchbox

Tibet is burning with desperation

Overshadowed by the challenges faced in Europe and almost unnoticed by the global community, dramatic and alarming developments are coming to a head in Tibet. The communist party has been further tightening the screws of oppression: since the unrest in the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Chinese occupiers have assailed the region with numerous campaigns that under the threat of heavy penalties, aim to regulate the lives, businesses, and even thought of the Tibetan people down to the last detail. China’s aim in all its activities is to wipe out any desire for freedom in the Tibetan people, and thus ultimately their identity. This danger is both worrying and urgent.

On Human Rights Day, Havas Zürich is working on behalf of the Swiss-Tibetan Friendship Association (GSTF) to remind people that abuses against human rights have become a sad fact of everyday life in Tibet. It is using a poster campaign to raise the issue of self-immolation in the region. The poster appears to show the striking surface of a matchbox, but on closer examination the image shows numerous praying monks in an astonishing trompe l’oeil.

 Made in China:
Havas Zürich is giving the industry label ‘Made in China’ a new meaning. An image showing a Tibetan monk in handcuffs reminds us that despite the good economic conditions in China, we should never allow ourselves to forget the human rights situation in Tibet.


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