TGV Lyria - Connecting the unexpected (Montmartre - Mont Rose)

TGV Lyria - Connecting the unexpected (Oberland - Oberkampf)

Connecting the unexpected

TGV Lyria is the rail carrier connecting France and Switzerland. The brand, which runs up to 20 return journeys a day, aims to offer customers the best service by offering a range of services and perfect comfort.

France and Switzerland are neighbours. And yet the two countries still do not know each other that well. So, in the face of increased competition that makes it harder to hold people’s attention, TGV decided to brush aside the stereotypes. Its ‘Connecting the unexpected’ campaign makes itself a gateway to mutual discovery between France and Switzerland. The attractive and surprising locations in each country are connected through the rails themselves, and in turn this powerful symbol of travel is a way of drawing us out of the routine of our everyday lives.


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