Sägesser Fenster

Noise has never been so quiet

Sägesser Fenster AG is one of Switzerland’s most innovative SMEs. Havas Zürich has launched two new print ad themes. The advertisements show how the company’s windows transform external noise into something much quieter as soon as it threatens to force its way inside. A jumbo jet becomes a paper aeroplane in the blink of an eye, while a leafblower is converted into a mop. The message is simple: noise has never been so quiet.

‘Works of art seen anew’ print campaign:
Many property owners have no idea of the progress window-construction technology has made in recent years. A print campaign developed by Havas Zürich is helping to change this. Each advertisement shows a view through a Sägesser window of a famous work of art hanging on an apartment wall. Thanks to targeted artistic adjustments, the paintings are transformed into eye-catching images for product features such as burglary protection or thermal insulation.


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