Riposa - Trust what you sleep on

Trust what you sleep on

We’re miles away when we sleep – and yet we are still in our beds. Havas Zürich got to grips with this paradox for riposa, one of the leading Swiss brands for innovative sleeping systems. Beneath the slogan ‘Sleep can be a wonderful journey’, the posters show dream-like landscapes that on closer examination reveal themselves to be sleeping bodies.

In production of its sleep systems, riposa puts the focus on technology that reacts to every movement of the human body. This not only makes for restful sleep, but also ‘For a stronger back’. Havas Zürich develops this positioning in a film that’s also a larger-than-life product demonstration. A young couple fall into a deep sleep: wherever their movements take them, and right through the night, their mattresses are there to catch them.

Additionally, an audiobook entitled ‘Horizons – goodnight stories for grown-ups’ was created in collaboration with eggli.eggli and renowned author and radio presenter Reeto von Gunten. Selected stories from the book were presented as part of an exclusive late-night reading with the author.


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