«Time change, mind change» – Evergreen

One Young World is the first global forum for people who want to shape the world together. More than 1,000 young people from 40 nations came together in 2011 at the Kongresshaus Zurich to discuss the future of our world. The idea is simple: in times when leading politicians do not seem up to the task, the youth of the world must take things into their own hands.

To promote this global event, Havas Zürich developed a wide-ranging and multifaceted campaign. The first phase of the campaign used striking posters to raise awareness for the event. The poster shows politicians who, as the real-life press photos demonstrate, all too often waste their time on trivial matters instead of carrying out the functions of their leadership roles. This resolution clarifies One Young World’s position and thus the reason for the event taking place in Zurich: ‘If the leaders don’t lead, we must lead’.

One Young World is not just a way of joining forces against irresponsible politicians, it’s also a forum for discussion and provision of solutions to some of the world’s ills. Therefore, the second phase of the campaign introduced the broad range of the conference’s themes. Here, print advertisements showcased the fresh approaches and solutions young thinkers offer for a number of the world’s problems. ‘Switch off the lights and party’, for example, shows how we can combat both energy waste and social marginalisation.

During the third phase of the campaign, a Facebook experiment allowed the general public to tune into the discussions at One Young World. The switch from summer to winter time is used as the starting gun for a very special kind of social media campaign, with the extra hour everyone receives at the time change as the focal point. The time is to be used for the world’s leading politicians to reconsider some of their decisions and work out new solutions to correct their mistakes. Anyone who sees the decisions made by politicians as hasty, poorly thought-out or simply wrong is free to post the following slogan on Facebook: ‘Time change, mind change. Leaders of the world, 1 hour to rethink your decisions.’ Each post is a challenge to those in power to take 60 minutes to reflect on their positions.


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