Credit Suisse - VIVA

Viva – Banking with the ‘ah’ factor

Credit Suisse and Havas Zürich are turning banking into an experience for students and young people. That’s because the Viva banking package offers more extras than ever before, such as cinema tickets at attractive discount prices. The new campaign puts the focus on those adventurous moments – the ‘ah’ moments. The cry of ‘Vivaaa!’ is used to link the product with this experience. ‘Access All Areas’ is a new slogan that underscores the banking package’s claim to open the doors to a host of events and benefits for its customers.

The campaign with its pop-art feel comes across as fresh and rebellious, and incorporates the CS colour scheme. In the current cinema ad, ‘Viva Movie Days’, the actors’ entertaining and self-assured reactions to the action on the screen in front of them create a sustained ‘ah’ effect.


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