Coop - Actions not words No. 8

Coop - Actions not words No. 174

250 actions and words for greater sustainability

Havas Zürich is the new advertising agency for Coop’s sustainability commitment.

You can learn more about the actions carried out on behalf of people, animals and the environment at, and in the ‘Actions not words’ section of the Coop magazine. The actions also play a central role in posters and print advertising and TV ads. The TV spots tell short stories about Coop’s sustainability commitments, whether it’s sustainable fishing, fair and organic clothing, animal welfare, wonky vegetables or fair trade products. Human beings form the heart of these stories – for example, the inhabitants of a fishing village or children playing at the shops. This simple and straightforward approach to a fundamentally serious subject also helps make some of the larger actions more emotionally accessible.

The printed advertisements capture the less well-known actions in both image and text. They address Coop’s broader commitments, such as animal-friendly conditions for livestock, as well as more concrete actions like offering only fresh, fair trade pineapples in its stores. The images are taken from real life and demonstrate all aspects of Coop’s commitment in a light and unpretentious manner. The image’s circular form is intended to recall the shape of the earth and is therefore a visual means of bringing the actions into focus.


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