A kingdom for the pretzel king

Brezelkönig provides its customers with freshly baked pretzel and lye roll specialities at busy locations. Havas Zürich developed an entertaining campaign that humorously attracts the attention of hungry passers-by to the freshly baked goods on offer. Any true king, after all, deserves a suitable kingdom. The ‘In the Realm of the Fresh’ slogan sets the tone for the campaign’s various initiatives. The Realm of the Fresh is home to eight animal characters, lovingly brought to life by illustrator Bill Sanderson. Each has its own set of individual characteristics and works tirelessly in the bakery to produce fresh pretzels and rolls. The bakery bear, for example, slides the dough pieces into the oven, the dough-cutter crab divides up the dough with its claws and the coffee kangaroo delivers the coffee beans. Their various tasks are explained in short, light-hearted stories that are inscribed on the brand’s paper bags. The napkins feature modified proverbs that proclaim valuable wisdom from the Realm of the Fresh.

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